My life already changed at the age of nine, when I first met rhythmic gymnastics.

After a passing fancy for law studies I got stunned by comparable physical art forms like trapeze and contemporary circus. Thus I joyned the professional circus school “Flic” of Turin, where I specialized in the acrobatic Cyr wheel. At the same time I started to work at a busking performance with a friend of mine. We were evenctually happy to set in motion on the italian streets. However, I still felt the necessity to combine circus with comical theatre.

Therefore I attended the physical theatre school Philip Radice (Lecoq) where my latest shows were born: the singing-clownish number “Red to the Bone”, and the Cyr-comic street performance “Amore Pony”.

From 2017 I work with my solo street show: "Amore Pony", with which in 2019 I get the recognition of "young talent" at the Werne busker festival (DE) and I participate in festivals in Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia.


From 2018 I am a circus artist in the opera performance "Orphée et Eurydice", directed by Aurélien Bory who has been and will be represented in: France, Switzerland, Belgium and China.

I worked with my Cyr wheel performance in the travelling variety show: "Petit Cabaret 1924".