Amore Pony

Directed by Margherita Mischitelli

External eye Fraser Hooper and Domenico Lannutti



“Love is a comic feeling” J. Lacan


A journey of discovery of femininity between fairytale suggestions and grotesque implications.


A show narrated by an eccentric and naive protagonist who will lead you inside the elusive world of desire made of unstable equilibriums and talking mini ponies.


Young talent in the Werne Buskers 2019 * 



Forty-five minutes of Cyr wheel acrobatics, bottle balancing, clowning and audience involvement.

Played in Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland and Croatia

Minimum space 8x8m


The suface has to be smooth and as flat as possible and no grade.

YES: asphalt, marble and concrete slab; NO: grass, cobblestones, gravel, carpet.


Electrical requirements 220 Volt. Autonomous audio system of 600 Watt.

Amore Pony

Amore Pony

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