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Amore Pony


"Nitrite desire for love"

Young talent in the Werne Buskers 2019



A girl is looking for a fairy tale love. She get dressed in white with the clumsy attempt to look like Julia Roberts in "Runway Bride" one of her favourite movies together with "Pretty Woman" and "Dirty Dancing"'.

However, her inner child is sickened by physical love. So she sublime in the figure of the Mini Pony, her ideal representation of the romantic man and love itself become a horseback flight.

Comic and funny street performance, suitable to all ages audience.

An hypnotic and entertaining combination of comedy, Cyr wheel show and balancing on bottles!


DURATION: 30 min


  1. Minimum space 8x8m

  2. The suface has to be smooth and as flat as possible and no grade.                                       YES: asphalt, marble and concrete slab; NO: grass, cobblestones, gravel, carpet.

  3. Electrical requirements 220 Volt. Autonomous audio system of 600 Watt.