Amore Pony

Directed by Margherita Mischitelli

External eye Fraser Hooper and Domenico Lannutti

Young talent in the Werne Buskers 2019


"Nitrite desire for love"




A journey of discovery of femininity between fairytale suggestions and grotesque implications.

A show narrated by an eccentric and naive protagonist who will lead you inside the elusive world of desire made of unstable equilibriums and talking mini ponies.


DURATION: 30 min



  1. Minimum space 8x8m

  2. The suface has to be smooth and as flat as possible and no grade.                                       YES: asphalt, marble and concrete slab; NO: grass, cobblestones, gravel, carpet.

  3. Electrical requirements 220 Volt. Autonomous audio system of 600 Watt.